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Welcome to the Enhance Your Life Podcast, hosted by Nancy Whiteman, the CEO of Colorado's #1 infused products company Wana Brands. Once a taboo topic, Nancy is talking about cannabis and the role the plant plays in the everyday lives of fascinating folks. From athletes to artists, yoga teachers to psychedelic therapists, learn how this healing plant can enhance your life and the lives of those around you.

Jun 8, 2022

With so much to know about cannabis, how can podcasts help people understand it—even in communities that aren’t particularly weed friendly? This week, Utahns Jesse Angeles and Brandon Elder join the pod to share what it’s like helping others gain knowledge of the plant. Jesse and Brandon are hosts of Cannabis School, an entertaining and educational podcast promoting responsible conversations about personal consumption. In this episode, the duo talk about the beginnings of their podcast and how they make the show understandable for every listener. They discuss how some in the Mormon community appreciate the substance (daresay even more than coffee.) Plus, they share common misunderstandings and misconceptions people have about cannabis, and their tips for people thinking about trying it for the first time.